Captain Apples is a 9-piece musical troupe that performs modern folk-waltz, two-step, and the occasional lullaby. The band's musical style is characterised by its embrace of the elegiac poignance typically found within musical traditions of old. Rich orchestrations, extended vocal harmony, fully acoustic instrumentation, and poetic lyricism feature prominently.  


​Captain Apples was founded by Iain Isdale and Richard Wise in 2011, within a winter-lit bedroom in Carlton North, Victoria. Additional members were added gradually over the subsequent year, and the band has been performing as a 9-piece unit since November 2013. A series of shows throughout the latter parts of 2013 and early 2014 culminated in a grand, glitter-smeared, sold-out show at The Wesley Anne in January 2014, cementing Captain Apples' position as a folk-waltz tour de force in Melbourne's North.




Iain Isdale: vocals, guitar, banjo, mandolin

Richard Wise: vocals, guitar

Zoe Fox: vocals, glockenspiel

Tim Solly: vocals, piano accordion, piano

Vince Ward: cello

Ashleigh Beevers: double bass

Hilary Belle: violin

Phoebe Green: viola

Nathanael Riley: drums


EST. 1834

© 2015 by Captain Apples


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